The advent of an historic brand.
Early 50s. Tom Ponzi began the activity as private detective in Milan involving his brother Vittorio. Both lead the Mercurius Agency in Corso Sempione.

In 1958 Vittorio Ponzi decided to start his own investigation agency, the International Institute Ponzi, working close to his brother Tom.

In 1966 Ettore started the Hector Ponzi Investigation in Milan; the following year Antonio started the Romapol, in the capital, that after the interceptions and a break changed the name in Tony Ponzi Investigations. Today this agency is not managed by people of the family Ponzi, when Antonio died the company sold the brand to others. In 1969 Angelo took over the Milanpol.

Meanwhile Franco Ponzi, began with investigations. He was into the activity of his father and he collaborated with his uncles, who recognized his ability and entrusted him the task of some works in other cities. The other nephews had different careers; Francesco (Sons’ of Angelo) started the Informative National Centre from which derives the Ponzi S.p.a.. His Father ceased the collaboration with Francesco and opened the Milanpol with his daughter Marinella, the Marinella Ponzi.

Vittorio and sons, born the Consortium.

In 1998 Franco Ponzi, took over the activity of Uncle Ettore and started the Fratelli Ponzi & C. Investigations, in the historical office in via Buonarroti,14 in Milan. At the same time Franco Ponzi started the new agency in Modena that allowed the family to form the Consortium of operators of Ponzi Investigations Group, because it was prohibited the creation of a single holding company. The result was an unique group which included all the agencies related to the descendants of Vittorio Ponzi, unique Ponzi uninterruptedly in operation since 50 years.

The Consortium born with the aim to distinguish its own agency from those headed by other relative, that only recently have started to work in the same field. The union of the agency with the name Ponzi, represents an important business card enriched in 2005 with the opening of the offices in Bologna and in Padua.






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