The forensic computer science (computer forensics) is the science that studies the identification, storage, protection, retrieval, documentation and all other forms of treatment of the information given in order to be assessed in a legal process and studies, for evidentiary purposes, techniques and tools for the methodological examination of computer systems.

With the rise of cyber crime, and above all with an awareness on the part of the companies that have finally begun to denounce the crimes of which they are victims, was required a full application of this discipline, which, however, seems not without its evolution .

In Italy, the Basic Law on computer forensics is the Law n.48 / 2008, known as the “Law of ratification of the Budapest Convention”.

The increasingly advanced technological systems exhibiting companies and individuals to risks related to computer security, also as a result of interactions with foreign countries and the continuing advance of globalization of markets, companies are exposed to increasingly frequent illegal activities.

We can perform environmental reclamation to remove bugs and controls on computers, smartphones and tablets to find wiretapping software systems.

  • Lost files recovery
  • Telephone reclamation
  • Removal software for wiretapping
  • Tracks of unauthorized file export
  • Fake social profiles



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