Commercial and business surveys are intended to obtain information on customers and suppliers useful to undertake new economic partnership.

In compliance with the current privacy practices, we can carry out the collection, analysis, processing, evaluation and assessment of economic, financial data, credit, capital, industrial, manufacturing, business and professional individual companies, even partnerships, legal persons, entities and associations as well as of natural persons involved, shareholders, employees, third-party suppliers.

Another area operated by the Ponzi group is investigation of insurance fraud, we can reconstruct on behalf of insurance companies and individuals: dynamic claims, professional liability, damages on the job, the contrast of attempted fraud to the detriment of insurance companies; of defensive investigations aimed at identifying evidence to put forward as part of the criminal process, in accordance with Article 222 of the coordination rules of the Code of Criminal Procedure and Article 327-bis of the same Code.

We can support you in the delicate task of debt collection through extra-judicial means and where necessary, by means of special relationships with a wide network of law firms, operating in the whole Italy.

  • Insurance fraud investigations
  • Reports on people, societies or companies
  • Solvency
  • Statutory concessions
  • References control and commercial reputation
  • Statutory assessments
  • Patrimonial situations
  • Chamber and ipo-cadastral social situation
  • Archive researches
  • Informations on credits recovery
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