In this historical period marked by a freedom of costume, a marriage on four shipwrecked on grounds of infidelity or economic difficulties.
It becomes very useful to premarital investigations to ascertain the actual morality and the seriousness of the future spouse.

In particular aim to establish whether what was promised to match the real economic and personal terms after.

The Ponzi Group also conducts post matrimonial investigations to prove the existence of any extramarital relationships: the evidence that is collected in full compliance with existing laws, they have legal value as part of a judicial proceeding.

We can provide help in case of bad behavior of people known or unknown: we can implement defensive strategies in case of stalking, threats, anonymous letters and phone calls, handing you back the lost serenity.

  • Pre-wedding surveyings with informative reports
  • Post-wedding surveyings and for legal separation with valid evidences
  • Infidelity controls and surveyings
  • Surveillance
  • Anonymous letters
  • Blackmails and harassment
  • Tracing of missing persons
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