1) Is it possible to consult a price list about the services and the cost of a private investigation?
According to Art. 135 of T.U.L.P.S. (Consolidated Laws on Public Security, No. 773/1931), it is duty of the agency to exhibit the price list in its office. In addition to what is required by the rules, in the contract between the customer and the Agency of Ponzi group are described more precisely the rates agreed.

2) Who should I contact to request an investigation?
You can contact any of our agencies depending on the place where you need the investigation.

3) Is it possible to know the owner of a telephone number, ask for printouts of a telephone number headed by others, know the contents of text messages sent or received by others?
As provided for art. 127 of the Privacy Code (Decree 196 / ’03) the user can access his telephone traffic data without the need of an authorization or a court order. It is not legitimate, however, to access informations about telephone number headed by others, outside the cases provided by law.

4) Is given a specific documentation after an investigation?
A report is released with a description of the activity and its outcome. With the written request there are the mechanical tests (videos or photos), any acquired documents and testimonies where required and / or necessary.

5) What does “Professional Secret” and “Absolute Confidentiality” mean?
The obligation of professional secret in the management of information is absolute. If after a meeting does not follow a commision, the same goes for the informations acquired during the preliminary free advice.

6) How much does a private detective cost?
The charges related to an investigation are always agreed in advance. Usually, is applied an hourly rate with an amount in agreement with the relevant rates. During the preliminary advice is established  with the customer the price to apply to the requested service. The prices and expenses are transcribed and signed with the customer. A detailed account of the activities required and performed will be sent with the final accounting. Clearness and availability represent the relationship with the customer.


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