The Investigation Agency of Milan

Via Buonarroti,14

Tel: 02/463323

Mobile: +39 337 565655

The investigation agency of Ponzi Group of Milan, the industry leader, offers a complete and professional service to carry out confidential inquiries, track or identification, matrimonial investigations, infidelity investigations, child protection and suspicious companies, counterintelligence and industrial sabotage, investigations and audits of members and employees, environmental and telephone reclamation, commercial information.

Our highly trained investigators work with the most modern methods ensuring fast and safe results.
The private investigator of Ponzi Group of Milan will be available to solve any problem that you will present and which will require advice.

Available for any request, you can contact us for a free appointment at our office at Via Buonarroti 14.

We are able to carry out private investigations with the utmost seriousness and confidentiality in Italy and abroad.

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