The Ponzi brothers (Franco and Paola Ponzi) are leaders in the wide sector of investigations and safety, where they boast a solid experience, a competence matured directly in the field and handed down from their father Vittorio Ponzi, who began this business with a regular licence issued on 05.01.1959.
On the basis of this family inheritance, a result of two generations of detectives, takes root the Ponzi Group, a detective agency which works worldwide with success.
In Italy, this organization is the only one that gathers 5 groups belonging to the same stock, each of them having its own principal, who deals personally with the customers and makes detailed and easily comprehensible estimates.

It is a team of experienced professionals who can realize safety services or systems for the personal or corporate defence, developed with an accurate technique.
With highly qualified personnel, they move by co-ordinating the synergies to better meet the requirements of the customers and, if necessary, putting at their disposal high-quality commercial intelligence, granting the maximum professionalism and reserve.
It is an extremely flexible framework offering a vast range of operations: from industrial counter-intelligence to private investigations regarding the family or the personal sphere, from absenteeism control to intrusion-proof systems.
Our Group keeps a close connection with the Surveillance Institutes, and specialized in Preventive Safety, especially as concerns the commercial or corporate field.

In this sector we organize and co-ordinate technical defence systems, adopting all the preventive defences, both defining the role and duties of each employee, and evaluating their skills, in order to focus and eliminate all the possible weak points of the corporate safety.
Thefts, robberies, extortions, kidnappings, intimidatory attacks, frauds and countless property crimes are phenomena which are taking considerable proportions, and the boldness of the criminals often leads to tragic epilogues, in spite of the countermeasures and efforts of the Police Force.
The presence of Supermarkets, Hypermarkets and other commercial facilities, is massive and is growing; consequently, also their potential risks are increasing. These facilities are indeed considered as very desirable by the ill-intentioned people, both during the business hours and at closing time.
Instinctive and non-co-ordinated solutions must be avoided: they often result from the need of affording urgent and particular problems, of finding a remedy after the fraudulent events already verified.
The wise trader should act beforehand, defending his own business from possible risks, small and organized crimes included.

The first step toward a reasonable safety level lies in carrying out a risk analysis, that is, an evaluation of the dangers which could threaten the whole structure and its specific branches.
Secondly, all the possible alternatives must be considered, in order to reduce the risk to acceptable limits. This analysis, with the co-operation of an expert safety consultant, must be carried out by the principal or by the head of the business under review. Indeed, only who deeply knows the situation has the necessary experience to suppose sceneries, consequences and answers.
The whole of the Trade’s enterprises, that is, of yours and our organization, represents a positive contrast action against the growing phenomenon of the organized and common criminality.