Since 1958

we operate in Italy and abroad



Confidential and matrimonial surveyings

Private investigations conducted with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality, are a necessary tool in the cases when you need to verify the fidelity of your partner or spouse, or for the protection of minor children. This also includes control over minor children’s suspicious companies and any investigation of infidelity.

Corporate and commercial investigations

We conduct any kind of business investigations to verify the infidelity of the partners or employees, absenteeism, to protect the trademark or patent, industrial sabotage, espionage, unfair competition, breach of non-competition agreement, theft and shortage, insurance fraud.

We work in Italy and all over the world

Our private investigator license allows us to carry out any private investigation in civil and criminal cases, in addition to being able to take advantage of the best technological equipment. We operate currently throughout the country and abroad.

Family protection

We can help you to control your children, to prevent dangerous situations related to attendance of your children and to the risks related to drug abuse, alcohol, sports betting.
We can also protect the seniors, checking the safety and reliability of the assistants.

About us

“Any truth is better than indefinite doubt.”

— Arthur Conan Doyle


– 1950, Agency Mercurius

The brothers Tom and Vittorio Ponzi establish the agency Mercurius in Corso Sempione a Milano.

– 1958, International Institute Ponzi

Vittorio Ponzi decide to start his own investigation agency: the International Institute Ponzi, working close to his brother Tom.

– 1987, Openning in Reggio Emilia

In 1987 Franco Ponzi opens the International Institute Ponzi in Reggio Emilia

– 1992, Center in Parma

Franco Ponzi in 1992 opens the Ponzi Investigations GP a Parma contuing collaboration with the father and paternal uncles.

– 1998, Born the Consortium of Ponzi Group

In 1998 Franco Ponzi takes over the activity of Uncle Ettore and found The Brothers Ponzi & C. Investigations in Milan. At the same time Franco Ponzi started the new agency in Modena that allowed the family to establish the Operators Consortium of Ponzi Investigations Group.

– 2005, Opens Bologna Center

The Ponzi group grows with the opening of the Bologna office in via Dei Mille.

– 2016, The Consortium still grows…

With the new office in Padua the Ponzi group reaches the milestone of six operating agencies throughout the country,and it is currently the only company in Italy of this size.




SETTE – i vizi capitali di un investigatore privato

7431215_coverponzi-208x300In this book, which brings some of the many resolved cases by Franco Ponzi in recent years, you will not read about legendary Sherlock Holmes, supported by the loyal Watson, or about scientific Gil Grissom and his science-fiction
C.S.I. team, because these ones are not fantasy stories of the writer or screenwriter, but there are the real stories. The stories in which the reality is often stranger than fiction, because of this, of course, any reference to events and true persons is coincidental.

For more informations visit  the book website or buy your copy online on the pubblisher website Marco Serra Tarantola.