7431215_coverponzi-208x300In this book, which brings some of the many resolved cases by Franco Ponzi in recent years, you will not read about legendary Sherlock Holmes, supported by the loyal Watson, or about scientific Gil Grissom and his science-fiction C.S.I. team, because these ones are not fantasy stories of the writer or screenwriter, but there are the real stories. The stories in which the reality is often stranger than fiction, that is why, of course, any reference to events and true persons is coincidental. Respecting the privacy, the names of the characters and the places are fictional, but the described situations are pure reality, faced with care, emotion, sense of observation, initiative and above the all humanity. Those all qualities which has  Franco Ponzi and his formidable team. Franco Ponzi, grandnephew of the legendary Tom, signs his first book in which he describes a part of his professional life. The kaleidoscope of emotions and the situations which he experienced at first hand the… SETTE VIZI CAPITALI DI UN INVESTIGATORE PRIVATO.

For more informations visit the book website or  you can buy your copy online on the publisher website Marco Serra Tarantola.


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