The Ponzi brothers (Franco and Paola Ponzi) are leaders in the wide sector of investigations and safety, where they boast a solid experience, a competence matured directly in the field and handed down from their father Vittorio Ponzi, who began this business with a regular licence issued on 05.01.1959.

On the basis of this family inheritance, a result of three generations of detectives, takes root the Ponzi Group, a detective agency which works worldwide with success.
In Italy, this organization is the only one that gathers 6 groups belonging to the same stock, each of them having its own principal, who deals personally with the customers and makes detailed and easily comprehensible estimates.

A team of skilled professionals able to develop services or security systems for corporate or security defence, developed with precise methodology. Highly qualified staff that “moves”coordinating synergies to satisfy the needs of every costumers, offering, if necessary, commercial information of high quality, ensuring the best professionalism and confidentiality. An highly elastic structure that makes a wide range of tasks, from the industrial counter- espionage, to the private investigations aimed to the personal sphere, from the control of absenteeism to the systems anti- intrusion.

A leader in private investigations, we use the most modern techniques and instrumentations for private investigations, pre- marriage, post- marriage and every kind of control of infidelity. Even in the sphere of family, with particular attention to young people, we can investigate for possible problems related to drugs for parents who have suspicious about companies of their Sons. In industrial and commercial field, our Group is specialized in Preventive Security, in order to provide our costumers reports and investigations of people, firms or companies, either to commercials references and reputations, or to prevent any action of industrial sabotage or counter-espionage, escape of formulas or manufacturing processes, investigations of partners or unfaithful staff,surveillance, reclamations and telephone.
In this field we organize and coordinate business technical defense systems, taking all the precautionary defences, establishing roles and duties of each operators evaluating abilities to focus to eliminate potential weakness of business security. Thefts, robberies, extortions, kidnap, threatening attacks, frauds and countless crimes against property, are a phenomenon that unfortunately is growing, and the arrogance of criminals often changes into tragic endings in spite of the counter- measures and efforts of the law enforcement agency.

The instinctive and uncoordinated solutions are to avoid, these are often suggested by the need to face specific and urgent problems and remedy when the events have already occurred. The wise businessmen have to anticipate and worry about defending their activities from every possible risk, including acts of banal and organized crime. The first step to reach a reasonable level of safety is to do a risk analysis, an evaluation of dangers that can involve the structure, overall and specifically. Then you have to examine the various options in order to bring the risk within acceptable limits. This analysis must be conducted by the owner or the person responsible for the activity examined, as only who know well the situation, has the experience to suggests settings, consequences and give answer, with the assistance of an experienced consultant in safety.
The combined efforts of the “Trade” (our and your organization) are a positive action against the problem that you will present us.

Confidential and marriage surveyings

Pre-wedding surveyings with informative reports
Post-wedding surveyings and for legal separation with valid evidences
Infidelity controls and surveyings
Anonymous letters
Blackmails and harassment
Vanished people traces

Special surveyings

Industrial counterespionage and anti-sabotage
Products and Signature Counterfeiting
Formulas escape and working techniques
Betraying staff
Pre-employing surveyings
Treacherous competition

Youth area

Drug problems
Suspicious friendships
Controls and traces

Surveyings and commercial informations

Reports on people, societies or companies
Statutory concessions
References control and commercial reputation
Statutory assessments
Patrimonial situations
Chamber and ipo-cadastral social situation
Archive researches
Informations on credits recovery

Security and services

Manifestations, Parties, Meetings security
Access control
Anti fire


Il presidente Franco Ponzi è lieto di comunicare l’apertura della sede dell’agenzia investigativa del Gruppo Ponzi a Padova in Via N. Tommaseo 5.

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SETTE – i vizi capitali di un investigatore privato

SETTE - I vizi capitali di un investigatore privato

In questo libro, che riporta alcuni dei tanti casi risolti da Franco Ponzi in questi anni, non si leggerà di un leggendario Sherlock Holmes, supportato dal fido Watson, o di uno scientifico Gil Grissom e del suo fantascientifico team di C.S.I., perché questi non sono racconti frutto della fantasia di uno scrittore o di uno sceneggiatore, ma sono tutte storie vere. Storie in cui spesso la realtà supera la fantasia e per questo, ovviamente, ogni riferimento a fatti o persone è puramente casuale. Per il rispetto della privacy i nomi dei personaggi e dei luoghi sono inventati, ma le situazioni descritte e vissute sono pura realtà, affrontate con attenzione, emozione, spirito d’osservazione, iniziativa e soprattutto umanità. Tutte qualità che non mancano a Ponzi e alla sua formidabile squadra. Franco Ponzi, nipote del mitico Tom, firma il suo primo libro nel quale racconta una parte delle sue vicende professionali. Un caleidoscopio di emozioni e situazioni per far vivere in prima persona i… SETTE VIZI CAPITALI DI UN INVESTIGATORE PRIVATO.


Per maggiori informazioni visitate il sito del libro o acquistate la vostra copia online sul sito dell’editore Marco Serra Tarantola.


SETTE - I vizi capitali di un investigatore privato